About Montana Hunters and Anglers Action

Montana started the conservation movement back in the 1870’s. We are proud of that legacy. Much like those dark days of Market Hunters and the indiscriminate killing of wildlife for any purpose imaginable, today we stand at the brink of another war on wildlife. Heavily financed by people who wish to steal your opportunity to hunt and fish, attempts are constantly underway to private wildlife, sell off public lands and reduce the conservation legacy that started right here in Montana.

Montana Hunter & Angler Action is dedicated to ensuring that our hunting and fishing opportunity remains strong and in public hands.. We grew up roaming the mountains and river bottoms chasing bucks, bulls, trout and birds. We know what it takes to maintain our incredible wildlife legacy. We are here to fight back against those who would steal our birthright.

For more information, contact us at: info@montanahuntersandanglers.org

Organizations like Montana Hunters Anglers Action! will not be successful without the financial support of sportsmen and others across Montana who care deeply about making sure we have access to public lands and wildlife habitat. Please use our secure payment form to put your money to an organization that puts Montana first, not big wigs back east.