Upcoming Montana State Legislation

When sports-men and women in Montana get word of threats to their outdoor heritage, they fight back! Several attempts have been made to undermine Stream Access, erode our funding for access to public lands, and even lock the gates on county roads.

Last session HB 309, sponsored by FWP Committee Chairman Jeff Welborn (R-Dillon), also known as the 'Dirty Ditch Bill' would have gutted Montana’s Stream Access law that was passed in 2009. Over 400 Montanans came to the capitol and stormed the Old Supreme Court Chambers to tell the Legislature -- “Hands off our Access!” And they won! The bill passed the House and died in the Senate Fish and Game committee.

Attacks on our way of life have been around for 100 years and are only getting worse. The 2013 Legislature already has over 200 draft bills that will affect how and where we can hunt and fish. will be proof of that fact. We can be sure that more attacks on our stream access, our access funding, and our ability to purchase Wildlife Management Areas will be under a constant barrage from anti-hunters in the Legislature.

Montana Hunters & Anglers Action! will be in Helena, defending our birthright from every legislator who will try to privatize and sell off our public lands and access to our public wildlife.  

Montana Hunters Anglers Action! needs the financial support of Montana sports-men and women who care deeply about access to public lands and wildlife habitat. Put your money into action that will stand up for your unique world class Montana outdoor heritage whenever it comes under threat at EVERY level of government!