Montana hosts arguably the widest array of large carnivores in the lower 48 – they deserve a place in our landscape and just like any other species, they require proper scientific management.

Wolves, Black Bears, Grizzly Bears, and Mountain Lions are valuable parts of our wildlife legacy. Montana Hunters and Anglers Action strongly believes that through the application of the North American Model of Fish and Wildlife Conservation, we can manage these predators to ensure the long term viability of carnivores as well as protect our hunting legacy.

Only through the sound, scientific management of these animals will we be able to ensure their future. Large Carnivores are awe inspiring animals, and deserve a place among Montana’s wildlife. Currently, there are several attempts to remove time tested protections on these animals in favor of anti-science, and anti-conservation management strategies designed to appease fears, rather than scientific management.

  • Wolves: We support the hunting and trapping of wolves as outlined in Montana’s wolf management plan. We will work to stop any efforts that would place wolves back on the endangered species list, or manage wolves through legislative fiat over the department of Fish, Wildlife and Parks.

  • Grizzly Bears: We support the limited hunting of Grizzly Bears post-delisting. MHAA supports the work of the Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee in moving forward with drawing up plans for Girzzly Bear hunts, and we support the delisting of Grizzly Bears in the Greater Yellowstone Area. We are also highly supportive of the research being done around Glacier National Park to establish the data to be used in delisting the Northern Continental Divide population.

  • Mountain Lions: In the 1970’s, Montana established Mountain Lions as a trophy game animal. We fully support this designation. We do not support trapping of lions, or the overharvest of lions through poorly crafted legislation or hunting seasons. Montana offers some of the best lion hunting in the world. Utilization of time tested methods such as hounds and calling means effective management of a magnificent animal.

  • Black Bears: Like Lions hunting, Black bear hunting in Montana is world class. From Spring spot and stalk hunting to fall hunting, we believe that Montana’s Black Bears are managed for the betterment of the resource. We see more and more people hunting black bears every year and a growing appreciation for the skill and dedication it takes to harvest a large blackie.

Montana Hunters Anglers Action! needs the financial support of Montana sports-men and women who care deeply about access to public lands and wildlife habitat. Put your money into action that will stand up for your unique world class Montana outdoor heritage whenever it comes under threat at EVERY level of government!