Montana has the best stream access law in America — and since it was passed in 2009, it has come under attack every legislative session. Every year it’s the same story. New signs go up: No hunting, no fishing, no looking.

More barbed wire is strung across rivers, and more court cases are filed to eliminate or severely restrict the access that we have fought for. Montana Hunters and Anglers Action is all about ensuring that Montanans have places to hunt and fish. We advocate at the Legislature for bills that increase public access to public lands as well as work to kill bills that would reduce our ability to Access those same lands and waters.

Congressionally, we work to ensure passage of pro-sportsmen bills and stop the bills that would erode hunter opportunity and wildlife habitat.

1. Ensure 35% of our land is public!
2. We have the best stream access law in the entire country
3. We have the most successful Block Management public access to private land program in the country.

Montana has 8 Million acres of Block Management. Wyoming, Idaho, North Dakota and South Dakota have less than 2 Million acres each.

Montana Hunters Anglers Action! needs the financial support of Montana sports-men and women who care deeply about access to public lands and wildlife habitat. Put your money into action that will stand up for your unique world class Montana outdoor heritage whenever it comes under threat at EVERY level of government!